My inspiration came from Voldemort and just got a little weirder from there. This piece is on a gallery wrapped canvas and the painting continues around the sides. It comes ready to hang.

- McBiff

King of Wands

Acrylic painting on stretched canvas

Signed on front

14" h x 11" w x 1" d
1 lbs. 4 oz.



Huntington Beach, California

Getting to Know McBiff

Mcbiff is a pseudonym, obviously. He was given the name at 18 when a friend noticed an Irish-tinted resemblance to Biff from Back to the Future. The name never stuck, but he always thought it was funny. Years later, he painted an enamel piece on glass in the style of Ed Roth. It was the only piece he ever painted in that style so he used a pseudonym as the signature, and remembered the name his friend had given name. He liked the way it looked so much that he started signing everything as Mcbiff. McBiff is heavily influenced by mid 20th Century American minimalism and popular culture, which can be recognized as nostalgic and modern at the same time.