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Just for Now

Faith Taylor
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Acrylic painting on Stretched canvas New

Finished edges

Ready to hang


Signed on front and back


36" h x 48" w x 1.5" d |8 lbs. 9 oz.

In stock $4,100



"Being an artist means letting go of intentions and allowing colors and movement to flow," says Faith. "I often step away from my work and view the painting from across the studio; that's exactly when I noticed a definite light source and flow to this painting. Perspective is everything, in life and art. In Just For Now, I let go of my plans and gave creativity the freedom it desired." Greens, turquoise, peach and gestural lines of black express the energy of a river flowing across stones. The edges are painted to have the look of linen.

Faith Taylor

Carlsbad, California

Faith Taylor began her career as a self-taught mural artist in Los Angeles during the late 1980s. She was commissioned to paint over 2,000 murals in homes and businesses across Southern California before switching to canvas 14 years ago. Currently, Faith’s guiding inspiration is the concept of a far-off horizon. She finds hope and comfort in looking to the distance, to the future. “Horizons inspire me,” the artist says. “I find depth comforting as it not only gives my eyes a place to wander, but my mind a place to go and relax or explore.” Faith creates depth in her oil paintings by applying multiple layers of oil paint and glazes, waiting for days in between to allow the paint to dry. Faith's methodical layering technique is reflected in the patient and thoughtful mood of her artwork. The muted, earthy palette she employs encourages the viewer to meditate on each painting, gazing deeply to the abstracted horizon line.

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Hear what collectors say about Faith's work

Faith Taylor 12/11/2018 | 6:56 PM

R Patterson, Your note has me smiling from ear to ear. I am thrilled and honored to be your first 'original art' purchase. Thank you!! ...and, wow, you started off your collection with a large piece! :) I like the way you think. Thank you for sending a note, it means so much to me. You are very kind and I'm very happy you are loving your new art. Have a Wonderful Holiday and a Great 2019! - Faith

commentsA Little Kindness Goes A Long Way
R Patterson purchased this artwork. 12/11/2018 | 6:39 PM

This is my first orginal painting purchase. I cannot look at it without smiling, I just Love It. Thank You!

Faith Taylor 7/6/2018 | 1:31 PM

Thank you. I'm glad you are happy and it works well in your office. The depth, color and 'life' of a painting are so much better in person. Thank you for choosing my art and thank you for taking the time to write a note. - Faith

commentsNow or Never II
D Griggs purchased this artwork. 7/6/2018 | 11:18 AM

This is a beautiful painting. It is perfect in my office. Very inspirational.

Faith Taylor 9/14/2017 | 6:58 PM

Robert, I forgot to mention that I use Golden Acrylic paints and Tri Art Finest Quality Paints. There should be no deterioration over time. I have paintings that I did years ago and they are holding up beautifully....as though they were painted yesterday. -Faith

Faith Taylor 9/14/2017 | 5:39 PM

Hi Robert, Thank you for your interest in "FREE SPIRIT". It is a beautiful piece filled with color and motion. The canvas is 1/5" deep. It is a gallery wrapped canvas, there are no staples visible on the sides or on the back. The edges of the canvas fabric are not visible from the back, as they are tucked neatly between the outer and inner frame. It is the best wooden canvas available. The painting is made up of MANY layers of paint. The colors are vibrant and I do not normally apply a finish but I have in the past and I am most happy to do that for you. I am able to spray or paint on a finish. Personally I prefer the spray but either is just as effective. The edges are painted white and it is ready to hang. Framing is optional. I hope this give you an insight to the painting. I'm happy to answer any other questions or concerns you may have. Thank you again for your interest and email. - Faith

commentsFree Spirit
Robert McCall 9/14/2017 | 4:04 PM

Hi Faith, I'm interested in your painting "FREE SPIRIT". I know the listing says the canvas is 1.5 inches in depth. What canvas do you use and is the painting sealed with a spray gloss? How does one protect this investment from deteriorating over time? Any other info is much appreciated. Thanks Robert McCall

Faith Taylor 4/28/2016 | 2:05 PM

Dear J Johnston, Thank you for your beautiful note. Yes, I am very curious about where my art goes. As an artist I am frequently asked about my inspiration or what my paintings mean to me. It is a rare blessing that I get to hear the story of how my painting touched someone else. Your story is beautiful and honest and so very appreciated. Thank you for sharing your story with me. I feel honored and grateful....and inspired. Thank YOU and congratulations on your marriage and all of your New Horizons. Much love. - Faith

commentsNew Horizon
J Johnston 4/24/2016 | 4:39 PM

I'm sure you are always curious where your art goes, so wanted to share the story behind my purchase of your work today. I moved in with my fiancé about a year and a half ago. In the living room he has a piece of art that he bought after a rough divorce. It’s gorgeous but casts a shadow from a darker time. I have been searching for the perfect piece to replace it, and today as I was paging through UGallery, I was immediately obsessed with the style, colors and light in your piece “New Horizon”. I'm also a big believer and fate and when I saw the title of this work and your profile, I knew that I had finally found the perfect piece. I purchased it immediately and can’t wait for it to arrive. Thank you for creating this magical piece. We are thrilled to add it to our home as we begin a new life together!

J Johnston 4/24/2016 | 4:30 PM

Hello Faith,

Faith Taylor 11/10/2014 | 11:23 AM

John, I am so happy you are enjoying my art. Yes, I would love to see where they are hanging. It's always such a mystery when something I've created and bonded with leaves my studio. Photos would be very welcomed. Thank you for your thoughtfulness. All the best to you. - Faith

J Linehan purchased this artwork. 11/10/2014 | 10:18 AM

Hello Faith, We have two of your works and love them both. If you'd like a picture of where they are hung, we'd be happy to send you one! John

Faith Taylor 11/7/2011 | 9:12 PM

Thank you for the kind words! I love this piece. It's fun, playful, loaded with color and lots of emotion. I hope that this piece compliments your style and your home. I've sent additional photos and hope they help you to see all the intimate details. Thanks again. Have a wonderful evening. -Faith

commentsPeach Undertones
C Klein 11/5/2011 | 12:56 PM

I love the warm colors, look forward to seeing the painting in my home!

  • This is my first orginal painting purchase. I cannot look at it without smiling, I just Love It. Thank You!

    - R Patterson

    I love the warm colors, look forward to seeing the painting in my home!

    - C Klein


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