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How You Are

John McCabe
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Acrylic painting on Canvas board New

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12" h x 12" w x .25" d |1 lbs. 0 oz.

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Artist John McCabe illustrates an anthropomorphic elephant a step from the signage of a tap beer pub. He creates this piece for a panel for his song "How You Are" from his EP, "These Years." The ballad tells about leaving the US to live in Australia. Later on, a dear friend passed away, and the lyrics fit, giving it more meaning. "We used to drink at Kate O'Brien's bar, south of Market Street, San Francisco," shares John.

John McCabe

Laguna Niguel, California

Artist John McCabe produces graphic illustrations that take a progressive spin on pop art. He typically takes influence from his music to create vibrant caricatures of people, places, and things significant to the industry. Growing up, one of the highlights for John when buying music is the artwork on the packages. Inspired by that, he created art for his first EP, and every subsequent release includes artwork for each single, plus a front and back cover for the record. "The pieces are normally tied or related to the lyrics of a particular song," shares John. "In the case where I have made a series structured around music, a unique narrative unfolds within each." As imaginative as he is, John usually paints from the island surface of his kitchen or the dining room table. His music studio also doubles as a work area where he does pre-sketches. John has had several profiles from VoyageLA, Shoutout LA, and Queen City Arts and Sounds. His record label has featured his works along with his eclectic music releases.

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