We were recently gifted a beautiful piano that has been passed down through three generations.  I have imagined the stories its keys hold and am excited to see what my own children will learn through it.  Through the  narrative of this painting, I tried to summon the poignancy of firsts and the excitement it stirs.  

- Nava Lundy

Her First Piano

Acrylic painting on stretched canvas
Painting wraps around edges
Ready to hang

Signed on front

24" h x 36" w x 1.5" d
4 lbs. 0 oz.



Nava Lundy
Parkland, Florida

Getting to Know Nava

Nava’s romantic and heavily textured impressionist paintings radiate delicate, feminine charm. She focuses on creating depth and dimension with the layers of impasto she applies with a palette knife. This textural element blurs and abstracts the composition, conveying a notion of gentle, bleary-eyed beauty. Nava preps each canvas with a gold wash to make her paintings glimmer with luscious warmth. She works from her home in Florida, amid the chaos of children and canines, and finds peace painting in silence.