Here's a peaceful composition combining an antique Blue Willow bowl and a bunch of rich dark grapes set against a dramatic black background. This piece is on masonite board and will need a frame for display.

- Susan Sjoberg

Grapes and Blue Willow

Acrylic painting on masonite board

Signed on front

6" h x 6" w x .18" d
0 lbs. 3 oz.



Susan Sjoberg
Frazier Park, California

Getting to Know Susan

Before starting a painting, Susan Sjoberg takes her time looking at her chosen subject closely. She moves around it, analyzes its colors and experiments with the possible layout of her composition. “It appears I am getting nothing done at this stage but this invisible work lays the foundation of the piece,” she explains. Many of her works echo the classical style of still life paintings. The challenge in her work comes with capturing the texture of each element within the scene (for instance, a white lace tablecloth). When she’s not making art, Susan enjoys hiking, horseback riding and spending time outdoors.