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Fragrance of Memory

Sheila Grabarsky
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Acrylic painting on Stretched canvas New

Painting wraps around edges

Varnished and Ready to hang


Signed on front


36" h x 24" w x 1.75" d |6 lbs. 2 oz.

In stock $1,900



Artist Sheila Grabarsky demonstrates an abstraction of interlacing colors with hints of green, blue, and white peeping from the predominantly maroon, black, and mustard yellow background. A whimsical portrayal of ever-changing moods. Sheila incorporates dried acrylic skins within the multilayered composition, creating textures, depth, and history. The expressive gestural strokes depict a sense of sinuous motion.

Sheila Grabarsky

Bluffton, South Carolina

Artist Sheila Grabarsky creates nature scenes through gestural abstracts driven by intuition and graceful, flowing movement. "I search for evolving forms within the composition, look for 'eye flow,' and use my color intuition," explains Sheila. "This is the mystery I love about abstraction. It is always evolving and birthing itself." Her fascination with color began in third grade and continues to inspire her, actively infusing her art with unity and contrast. Sheila's introspective journey explores spirituality, psychology, and soul-searching, allowing viewers to interpret her art freely. She employs a unique "drawing" technique, using acrylic skins lifted from her palette and adhered to her canvas. Her home studio, located in her loft, is often shared with her three animal companions and a diverse playlist featuring Janis Joplin, blues, reggae, and classical tunes. Sheila loves the beach and the sea, often taking short drives to soak in the ocean's beauty. In 2016, Sheila's art was featured in the movie American Pastoral, starring Ewan McGregor and Dakota Fanning.

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commentsWild Orange Horse
n dunn purchased this artwork. style="color: #000000;"9/15/2019 | 3:18 PM

we love this energetic painting so much! thank you, Sheila


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