Most of my work is a more literal translation of the landscape. I love to create more abstracted pieces that allow me freedom to push color and composition to create interesting layered pieces. This piece was inspired by wildflowers I purchased at the grocery. I placed them in a vase and used bold energetic brushstrokes to emphasize the vibrant clean colors. 

- David Forks

Floral Burst

Acrylic painting on stretched canvas
Painting wraps around edges
Ready to hang

Signed on front

14" h x 11" w x 1.5" d
2 lbs. 0 oz.



David Forks
Del Rio, Texas

Getting to Know David

David has always wanted to be a painter. His professional career consisted of design and illustration roles, but it was not until a brush with his own mortality that David decided to change careers and become a full-time artist. “I quit my job in Houston and moved to the small and slow-paced border town of Del Rio, Texas, where I am now living my dream,” he says. Inspired by the outdoors, he often paints outside or takes photographs on his road trips to which he refers once back in his studio. The resulting paintings are marked by impressionist-style brushwork and a natural use of color. David’s pastoral scenes of the countryside are idyllic, invoking within the viewer a serene sense of calm.