The similarity of organic structures found in many things around us or inside of us, physical and/or psychological, continues to fascinate me. Aggregates of small elements create structures of living organisms, society, collective or personal memories and emotions. A tree is formed by thousands of parts and millions of cells, as a city is formed by thousands of organizations and millions of people.

This piece was created with layers of sponge stamps on masonite board. The work comes medium satin varnished and framed in a simple black frame. The frame can be easily removed if desired.

- Tomo Mori

Encircling Spirit

Acrylic painting on masonite board
Signed on back

30" h x 24" w x .8" d
3 lbs. 0 oz.



Tomo Mori
New York, New York

Getting to Know Tomo

Tomo Mori finds herself drawn to images that are melting, dripping, streaming and flowing. Her process is extremely meticulous yet spontaneous in its execution, allowing natural instinct to guide the creativity and fluidity of the work. Tomo’s signature technique is collage made of canvas on canvas, a style that adds depth and dimension to her work. When she’s not making art, Tomo likes spending time with her family (and dancing!). Fun fact: When Tomo was in kindergarten, she used to hide under a table and draw when they were supposed go outside and play.