This particular work was a response to the HBO series Westworld. Dolores at some point referenced the future of humanity as having their dreams forgotten and horrors effaced. I was particularly struck by this phrase and how it relates to the human condition on a personal level. We all have faults and they are of no importance. Time will erase all. The elements in this picture are reminiscent for me of a long forgotten or neglected city scape. This piece comes in a popular wood frame.

- Mitchel Hoffart

Dreams Forgotten, Horrors Effaced

Acrylic painting on canvas board

Varnished and Ready to hang

Signed on front and back

12.87" h x 12.87" w x 1.75" d
4 lbs. 0 oz.



Mitchel Hoffart
Moorhead, Minnesota

Getting to Know Mitchel

Painter Mitchel Hoffart creates abstract compositions in his spacious Minnesota basement studio. The linear nature of Mitchel’s work can be attributed to his educational training as a printmaker. However, he paints in layers, with each subsequent coat informing the next, therefore actively moving away from traditional printmaking techniques. “As I mature as an artist, my work is moving more towards painterly effects,” says the artist. When he’s not making art, Mitchel spends his time outdoors in nature, where he gathers much of his creative inspiration.