"Circuit" can refer to both a circular line and a closed system through which a circulating electrical system can flow. With this piece I wanted to create a closed circular system which would hover over the expansive system of the grid. A circle has a centripetal energy which pulls the viewer's eye inward. The grid has a centrifugal energy because its pattern could be expanded endlessly outward. 

This circle is ink and Flashe paint on watercolor paper. The grid is acrylic paint on both sides of two Dura-lar sheets glued to the paper. This allowed me to alternate texture as well as color within the grid pattern.  This artwork will need a frame.

- Jacob Rowan


Acrylic painting on paper

Signed on front

24" h x 18" w 
0 lbs. 1 oz.



Jacob Rowan
Jackson, Mississippi

Getting to Know Jacob

Jacob Rowan typically begins each drawing with words in mind. He will read a poem or story that captures his attention over and over again, contemplating how to respond to it visually. He uses ink and graphite, and occasionally nontraditional materials such as coffee, to create his minimal abstract pieces. The work has the clean feel of a graphic novel, with illustrated spaces that resemble landscapes and architectural structures. There is also a science fiction quality to the drawings, with their desolate and void depictions of space, and geometric combinations of lines and shapes that feel like the face of a circuit board. The compositions have a wonderful sense of balance and motion. Each piece features a circular hinge as the focal point, on which the rest of the drawing rotates. Jacob’s work touches on the five senses–sight, sound, touch, and smell–distilling them down to a simple visual language. For instance, the work smells from the coffee grounds and pungent scent of the Sumi ink. The smell is gone when the pieces are framed, but Jacob says it stays in his memory as he creates the work. The notion of sound and how to represent it visually is also a theme in Jacob’s art, evident in the piece Chorus. Although the drawings are inspired by literature, the work stands alone to create its own narrative, told through its careful compositions, intimate sections of detail, and modern aesthetic.