This work is inspired by the term "nubivagant" which means moving or wandering in the clouds - term that is one of the main inspirations of my artwork. It suggests a certain dreamy state of mind.  Clouds and birds are used to represent the freedom of a creative mind, the freedom of living in a daydreamed world rather than the real one. There are so many people who accept reality and the system as it is and they forget–they become blind to the world inside them, one of complete freedom. They cage their creativity, and forget to let their spirit roam free. This painting is on gallery wrapped canvas with finished edges. It comes varnished and ready to hang.

- Ramona Russu

Birds and Cages

Acrylic painting on stretched canvas

Signed on front

35.4" h x 27.5" w x .78" d
2 lbs. 0 oz.



Ramona Russu
Bastia, France

Getting to Know Ramona

Romanian-born artist Ramona Russu lives and works in Corsica. Her background in fashion illustration shapes her feminine yet bold paintings. The works employ a limited palette of black, white, and gold to articulate the creative significance of imagination and daydreams. “Clouds and birds are used to represent the freedom of a creative mind,” writes the artist. Each piece is youthful, mysterious, and playfully contemplative.