This piece came from a dream where I would see an orchestra's sounds individually coming towards me from the musicians on stage. I woke up and designed this piece to see if I could make it look anything like it did in my dream. It never really quite looks the same but I was very surprised by the way this series of works came out. They are inspiring to see, the same way an orchestra is inspiring to hear. 

The mixed-media piece is made up of 200 individual panels, each created with a computer numeric controlled router (CNC) out of a single piece of wood. Each panel represents a single auditory tone and may be hung at any orientation.

- Jack R. Mesa

200 Sounds

Acrylic painting on wood

Signed on back

48" h x 96" w x 1" d
20 lbs. 0 oz.



Jack R. Mesa
Oakland, California

Getting to Know Jack R.

Jack R. Mesa is a drummer and artist from Oakland, California. As a synesthete, his work explores the relationship between visual art and sound. Jack innately sees the two as being interrelated, and strives to depict the joy of music in visual terms. The result is unique, contemplative, and striking artwork, providing viewers a look into Jack’s “hidden” sense.