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Lisa's Picks - October 2008
- 9/24/2008

Ugallery is proud to announce the launch of Lisa's Picks.

Premiering this month, Lisa Hunter, the acclaimed author of The Intrepid Art Collector: The Beginner's Guide to Finding, Buying, and Appreciating Art on a Budget, will make a monthly selection of works from the Ugallery collection.

In addition to writing, Hunter frequently speaks about art collecting and has been featured as an art-buying expert in such publications as The Wall Street Journal, Domino, Cosmopolitan, Money, Elle Canada, and Metro New York. She is also a former editor and publicist for New York museums.

Check out Lisa's Picks every month, only at

Katie Towne
"One Day I Found Myself In Bisbee, AZ"
I'm intrigued by Towne's use of masks and the building's motifs, which are reminiscent of African mud houses. This photo is fun, but also highly intelligent.

Derek Alvarez
"Indians" SOLD
This is an emotionally powerful use of cartoon and mascot imagery. I like how Alvarez leaves it up to the viewer to imagine the dialog, rather than telling us what we're supposed to think.

William Mercado
"Children at Play"
Mercado's paintings have tremendous energy, coupled with a refined sense of color theory. His inspirations seem to range from Kandinsky to graffiti -- there's clearly a sharp intelligence at work behind each piece.

J. Nicholas Corich
"Answering the Phone"
Corich, like many young artists, is working in a variety of styles, from the Rauschenberg-esque print "Answering the Telephone" to photographs like "takk fyrir pao", but always with interesting results.

Sarah Diaz
I like the inherent tension in this picture, and the juxtaposition of heavy rocks and frothy waves. It's gorgeous.

Sarah Gross
"The Center is Electric"
Normally I don't spark to photos of flowers; they're usually too sweet for my taste. But this one has a fresh graphic quality -- it reminds me of the classic Marimekko poppy design.

Mark Elverson
"Bubbles" Series
I like the sculptural quality of the bubbles, which are so fragile they can really only be captured by a camera.


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