Wilma Wyss
Berkeley, California

Wilma Wyss enjoys the physical and technical challenges in making her art, and the precision of her final pieces show an extreme dedication to the craft. She uses a huge range of tools to create her mosaic works, such as hammers, nippers, and glass scorers. Most of her materials are scrounged, recycled or upcycled. Her family and friends are always on the lookout for materials, and occasionally there will be a bag with broken dishes, beautiful bottles, and other cast off items left on her doorstep. The finished pieces have a whimsical quality, and often draw inspiration from nature, evident in the cool glass colors and organic shapes in her compositions. Wilma brings the craft of mosaics into the realm of fine art by pushing the medium to address questions surrounding feminism and our natural environment.

Dock at Lacina Farm
10" x 10" , mixed media artwork

Plot 77
10.87" x 15.5" , mixed media artwork

Constellation Collection #3
13.25" x 10.25" , mixed media artwork

See Me
6.25" x 7" , sculpture

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Eye Candy
5.62" x 5.62" , sculpture

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