Vance Houston
SPARKS, Nevada

A self-taught Origami artist, Vance Houston has created his own folding technique, which he uses to construct his complex and intricate sculptures. He classifies his work as “Paper Engineering.” Each work is made up of thousands of sheets of paper, which he folds and then assembles together through a process of weaving. His work relies on mathematics, geometry and symmetry to achieve the final structure. The pieces form as he creates them, building upon each initial shape to become increasingly multidimensional. The final pieces have a molecular, futuristic quality, projecting a sense of possibility, or thoughts of something infinite. From every angle you view the sculptures they take on a new form. There is an element of surprise, both in their blueprint-free construction, and the ability take on a new meaning each time you rotate the work. The interweaving process mirrors Vance’s view on art. When asked why he doesn’t have a studio he responds, “my life is art and it consumes my world. Having a studio infers that you only work and create in that particular space.”

Cubic Grid in Origami: 5 Different Works
4.5" x 22.5" , sculpture

Original Origami Sculpture: Elephant Face
13" x 13" , sculpture

Intersecting Rectangular Octagons
18" x 4.5" , sculpture

Evolved Geometry: 16x16 Cubic Grid
17" x 17" , sculpture

Triangular Planes: Octahedra Tower
32" x 8" , sculpture

Intersecting Cubes in Origami
32" x 12" , sculpture

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