Brooklyn, New York

V G’s graphic abstract paintings are buoyant and optimistic. Their style crosses the decades, with the characteristics of a 1950’s graphic advertisement, and a 1980’s sense of color and pop. The combination of intelligent color theory and negative space creates a fun interplay of shapes, which draw the eye around the canvas in a haphazard fashion. The varying sizes of the same shape create depth, making portions of the canvas feel close while others feel distant. The great modern abstract artists, such as, Mark Rothko, Frank Stella, and Vasily Kandinsky inspire V G.

Blue Eclipse
36" x 54" , acrylic painting

Green Eclipse
36" x 24" , acrylic painting

Blue Eclipse 2
24" x 18" , acrylic painting

Orange Eclipse
36" x 24" , acrylic painting

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Red Eclipse
24" x 20" , acrylic painting

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