Transportation Art

Vroom Vroom! art for sale Planes, trains, and cars, the earliest bastions of modernity and technology, are naturally a popular subject for artists. The force of industry coupled with the beauty of a machine's rhythm make for interesting artistic representation and interpretation. Many of the first photographs were of trains, and the fascination with the subject has ranged from each media and with each new technological invention. Planes, trains, and cars not only changed our methods of transportation, but also our daily landscape. Some artists here find beauty in the machinery; others use the machinery as a message against destroying our natural landscape. All artists in this section depict the intriguing and aesthetic qualities of transportation.

Melissa Ebeling
Classic Car Plane, Transportation Oil Painting
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Landscape art,Surrealism art,Vroom Vroom! art,digital printmaking,Crossing
26" x 20", digital printmaking on unstretched canvas
Vroom Vroom! art,photography,Blue
16" x 20", photography on paper
Surrealism art,Vroom Vroom! art,watercolor painting,cloister/cutiss[a-12]
16" x 12", watercolor painting on paper
Landscape art,Surrealism art,Vroom Vroom! art,mixed media artwork,Cape May/Babs
Cape May/Babs
15" x 11", mixed media artwork on paper
Landscape art,Vroom Vroom! art,City art,oil painting,F Market
F Market
14" x 27", oil painting on stretched canvas
Surrealism art,Vroom Vroom! art,mixed media artwork,Judy/Dayroom
28" x 24", mixed media artwork on wood

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