Stephan Venekas
Rochefort du Gard, France

Stephan Venekas has a passion for aviation. He started his career as an artist photographing aircraft parts and making aeronautic art, eventually developing his signature style of aircraft flying through urban backdrops and tall skylines. Most of Stephan’s characters are female, highlighting what he calls “the fantasy of the unreachable female pilot.” To finish each piece, Stephan prints on aluminum and applies an epoxy resin by hand. Fun Fact: To get the best shot, Stephan often sneaks to the top of buildings without permission, and has been chased down a stairwell by hotel staff on more than one occasion!
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Tower Bridge
27.5" x 27.5" , digital printmaking

33" x 33" , digital printmaking

32" x 32" , digital printmaking

32" x 32" , digital printmaking

49" x 24" , digital printmaking

27.5" x 27.5" , digital printmaking

Catch Me
32" x 32" , other media

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