Stacy Dynan
Redwood City, California

Stacy Dynan’s spontaneous impulse to stop inside a London gallery on her walk home from work quickly soared to dramatic, life-altering proportions. The then-telecommunications consultant became so transfixed by a landscape abstract by John Brown that she felt compelled to walk across the street and purchase her very first art supplies. “I had never held a paint brush before, but an hour later, I had a painting of my own,” she recalls. “To this day, I still don’t know how or why, but here I am.” She creates many textures, layers and glazes in her pieces. Through slight sanding, glimpses and surprises are uncovered, drawing the viewer into the canvas to uncover moments of the painting’s history. Fun fact: For college graduation Stacy’s parents bought her a backpack to travel for 6 weeks; she never returned. She stayed in Australia for 4 years, then moved to London before settling in the Bay Area.

One Fine Day
24" x 36" , mixed media artwork

Tree Line
60" x 34" , mixed media artwork

Yellow Fields
34" x 60" , mixed media artwork

A Long Day
48" x 30" , mixed media artwork

42" x 44" , mixed media artwork

Standing Tall
44" x 42" , mixed media artwork

Gathering Courage
34" x 60" , mixed media artwork

Over the Top
48" x 30" , mixed media artwork

Rolling Home Together
14" x 22" , mixed media artwork

Quiet Moment
36" x 36" , mixed media artwork

Quiet Time
36" x 36" , mixed media artwork

Artist and Customer Comments 6/22/2015 | 12:04 AM

I love your work….Especially Standing Tall… Love love love the richness of color and weird trees, everything. I wish I could afford your work. Big fan