Sandra Zekk
Trieste, Italy

Sandra Zekk’s abstract paintings are dreamscapes, inspired by her imagination, subconscious, and inner reflections. Through color, brushwork, and the subtle allusions in her titles, Sandra leads you through the emotional subject of her work. Whether the art speaks to desire, identity, or choice, the bold paintings have an adventurist and futuristic style, executed in strong shapes and luminescent color. Each piece has a clear vanishing point, which creates a strong sense of three-dimensionality, depth and power. The work brings us up close to the introspective drama of the artist, placing us in the center of its power, enveloping us. There is a mystical and serene quality in each painting, which transfers to the surrounding space, creating a unique atmosphere with its presence.

Life Force
32" x 48" , oil painting

40" x 40" , oil painting

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One Way or Another
24" x 48" , oil painting

Deep Visions
40" x 40" , oil painting

40" x 40" , oil painting

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