Karin Bruckner
New York, New York

Karin Bruckner uses printmaking to explore the inherent possibilities of things. Her works bring together many different parts into a cohesive, colorful whole. She currently lives in New York and takes inspiration from Abstract Expressionism. Fun fact: she recently found that the palette she uses actually makes for an interesting printmaking plate.

Artist and Customer Comments

Karin Bruckner 11/4/2015 | 3:30 PM

'One Of One' - an exhibit showcasing Contemporary Monoprints featuring some of my work is now on view through December 31, 2015 at Susan Eley Fine Art, 46 West 90th Street, New York, co-curated by SEFA and VanDeb Editions.

Karin Bruckner 9/11/2015 | 7:19 PM

I will be one of the printmaking artists showing in the upcoming Monoprint Show "One of One" at Susan Eley Fine Art in New York November 4 - December 31, 2015.

Karin Bruckner 2/24/2015 | 6:34 PM

Currently showing my work in "PushingPrint" at the Alex Adam Gallery in Harlem, NY from Feb 21 through March 22.

Karin Bruckner 1/20/2015 | 9:23 AM

Starting the year right - featured in January Online Show on ArtCrasher Good Stuff.

Karin Bruckner 3/26/2014 | 11:19 PM

Happy to have been asked to contribute to the current UGallery blog on printmaking. Everything is illuminated :)

Karin Bruckner 2/5/2014 | 12:37 PM

Thanks! Glad you like it! Once a work on paper is framed, it takes it to a whole other level. Check out OurOfLines partner piece, now on my UGallery site :)

E Tapia 2/5/2014 | 11:22 AM

Karin, love your art, OutOfLine is already on my wall.

Pseudo Pompous 7/21/2013 | 9:06 AM


Karin Bruckner 12/10/2012 | 8:37 PM

Sold some artwork at AquaArtMiami during Art Basel Miami - nice!

Karin Bruckner 11/24/2012 | 7:45 PM

If you are in Miami for Art Basel Miami, go check out AquaArtMiami -! Susan Eley Fine Art NY is showing my printmaking work December 6 - 9, Room 208.

Karin Bruckner 11/24/2012 | 7:41 PM

Run at the Brooklyn Collective extended through February 2013. For more go to!

Karin Bruckner 10/20/2012 | 7:14 PM

Three month run continues at the Brooklyn Collective through November 2012. Come see some framed art, unframed small originals and digital repros of original work.

Karin Bruckner 7/16/2012 | 9:29 PM

Extra, Extra - west elm 2012 Fall Catalog feature!!! Thank you west elm! Look for 'AllThePresidentsMen' handsomely displayed in a 20x200 frame on page 62 in west elm No.8.

Karin Bruckner 7/13/2012 | 9:33 AM

Participating in Sugar Does New York, 7/13 8pm. More here:

Karin Bruckner 5/23/2012 | 11:39 AM

Check out images of Jane Parkes & Karin Bruckner Studio Show 2012 here (might have to cut and paste..)

Karin Bruckner 5/18/2012 | 9:16 PM

Studio Show went well, sold quite a few pieces. Next : juried art exhibition at The FibreArtsGallery in Palo Alto, CA 6/14 - 7/29. Always better to see the work in real time whenever you can.

Karin Bruckner 5/6/2012 | 9:52 PM

If you are in New York 5/15 - 5/17 and are interested in seeing my work, please come by our Studio Show: Jane Parkes & Karin Bruckner recent work 1459 Third Avenue Tue 5/15 opening 6 - 8pm Wed 5/16 11am - 6pm Thurs 5/17 11am - 6pm

Karin Bruckner 4/9/2012 | 8:02 PM

Participating with 328 artist in the 2nd twitterartexhibit in Moss, Norway :

Karin Bruckner 1/3/2012 | 9:51 PM

Thanks for viewing my Portfolio on UGallery. For more of my work please visit, like and follow me on these sites:


Printmaking on paper
Limited edition of 1
Signed on front

22.5" h x 26.5" w 
0 lbs. 0 oz.


Financing available through Affirm

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Artwork Details

Comments About This Piece

Paper Size : 26.5" x 22.5" Image Size : 20" x 16" This piece is from my series titled "MiscPrints". In the depths of winter I must have felt the ocean calling. As I was working on a triptych called 'CrabWalk' incorporating textual elements from Moby Dick, this sidekick piece started to come together. It combines ghost print elements from earlier prints with brightly colored freely formed stencil shapes. Remnant Moby Dick text excerpts pull the floating shapes together and layers together with the help of ink marker and line drawings. Staying with the nautical theme and evoked by the aqua blue shape in the center right, an image of a modern fish tank began to emerge. Call me Ishmael. This piece is a Monoprint with Embossing and Ink Transfer. I used waterbased non-toxic inks on BFK Rives printmaking paper. This is an Artist's proof that has been hand pulled on an etching press. The image of this piece measures 16x20 inches on paper that measures 22.5 x 26.5 inches. On the longer sides of the paper, there is a deckled edge that can be seen in the detail photos.


Printmaking is the process of making artworks by printing, normally on paper. Except in the case of monotyping—a process that yields only one print—the printmaking process is capable of producing multiples of the same piece. Each piece produced is an original since it is not a reproduction of another work of art and is technically known as an 'impression'. There are many different printmaking techniques, all of which yield a unique aesthetic.


Paper is a very common surface for all types of artwork, including photography, printmaking, drawing and painting. Art paper varies in thickness and color. Read the notes section to learn more about the paper used to create this artwork. If not noted as framed, most paper artwork will require framing.

Limited edition

Certain pieces of artwork on UGallery, mostly photography and printmaking, are labeled as either limited edition or open edition. Pieces that are in a limited edition are produced in a set limited quantity. Open edition artworks are not limited in quantity and can be reproduced indefinitely. In both cases, each piece in the edition is identical and is considered an original. Limited edition works are generally more valuable because of the limited number available. This piece is available exclusively at UGallery.

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