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People art for sale People have always been a popular subject among artists, from regal portraiture of the earlier centuries to genre painting and photography today. Since the Ancient Greeks and Romans, and even earlier, artists, artisans, and sculptors have been fascinated not only with the human body but with the human emotions that one can depict with a paint brush or chisel. This section offers a wide variety of images of people; many Ugallery artists sculpt or paint the figure with the utmost precision, while others place people secondary to a landscape or broader scene. Human relationships and emotions are captured in the works in some works in this section, others simply study the shapes and forms of a person. Social beings and solitary figures all make for interesting works of art.

Jonathan Murray
She's Polite Too, Digital Printmaking
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People art,Surrealism art,Representational art,oil painting,Ambulance
12" x 16", oil painting on masonite board
Expressionism art,People art,Representational art,Primitive art,mixed media artwork,Arya Sangha
Arya Sangha
96" x 48", mixed media artwork on stretched canvas
Impressionism art,People art,Fashion art,Representational art,Vintage art,acrylic painting,Red, Red Lips
Red, Red Lips
30" x 40", acrylic painting on stretched canvas
Architecture art,People art,Surrealism art,photography,Tea Dance
Tea Dance
15" x 12", photography on paper
Fantasy art,Landscape art,People art,Representational art,mixed media artwork,Walking under One Umbrella, Fall Alley
Walking under One Umbrella, Fall Alley
20" x 20", mixed media artwork on other
Expressionism art,People art,Representational art,acrylic painting,Southern Exposure
Southern Exposure
30" x 40", acrylic painting on stretched canvas
People art,Surrealism art,Representational art,mixed media artwork,Peace, Love & the Need for Speed
Peace, Love & the Need for Speed
36" x 36", mixed media artwork on masonite board
People art,Classical art,Realism art,Representational art,oil painting,Rogerid
8" x 10", oil painting on canvas board

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