Nature Art

Nature art for sale Images of nature, whether a vast landscape or a tiny insect, allow the viewer to escape the speed of his or her daily life. Tourists, photojournalists, and fine artists travel the world and their own backyard to find pockets of life unspoiled by modern development. Consider National Geographic photographs or American Hudson River School paintings; images of pure, pristine nature capture the beauty of an untouched landscape and also provide a calming outlet to daily stress.

The artworks in this section range from photographs of exotic jungles or local flowers, to paintings of animals or rural landscapes. Surround yourself with artworks to feel that escape from the indoors.

Jennifer Olsen
Autumnal Reflections, Nature Photography
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Abstract art,Nature art,Representational art,Modern  art,oil painting,Evening Serenity
Evening Serenity
16" x 16", oil painting on stretched canvas
Nature art,Flora art,Representational art,oil painting,My Enchanted Garden
My Enchanted Garden
24" x 18", oil painting on stretched canvas
Nature art,Seascape art,Representational art,oil painting,Coastline
14" x 11", oil painting on wood
Nature art,Seascape art,Representational art,photography,Blue Waters
Blue Waters
20" x 20", photography on paper
Landscape art,Nature art,Representational art,mixed media artwork,Tall Trees
Tall Trees
20" x 24", mixed media artwork on stretched canvas
Impressionism art,Landscape art,Nature art,oil painting,August Walk
August Walk
12" x 12", oil painting on wood
Landscape art,Nature art,Representational art,oil painting,Belle Tempête
Belle Tempête
36" x 24", oil painting on stretched canvas
Nature art,Flora art,acrylic painting,Sunflower Patch
Sunflower Patch
14" x 14", acrylic painting on stretched canvas

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