Natalie Ciccoricco
San Carlos, California

Natalie Ciccoricco's collages are made from old movie posters, found magazines, paper, ink and embroidery thread. Through the combination of disparate imagery and materials, she creates work that is unexpected, humorous, and intriguing. Unlike most collage artists, Natalie typically comes up with the concept for a piece before she sources the materials. For instance, the idea for her “Ice Cream Noir" series–combining old movie posters with ice cream cones–came from an idea she had late one night before falling asleep. She wanted to make the old movie stars pop, "pop like a popsicle." Natalie has an eye for design, with a strong sense of color and composition, which translates her quirky arrangements into something fresh and mod. Natalie has had an urge to create from a very young age, and experiences a complete sense of absorption when she is at work. This passion shines through in her collages, which exude personality in their careful craftsmanship and conceptual awareness.

Sprinkled Star
12" x 8" , mixed media artwork

Butterfly Angel #3
9" x 12" , mixed media artwork

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