Nanci Erskine
Fort Collins, Colorado

Nanci Erskine paints moody pieces that focuse on the botanical beauty she sees in the world. Many of her works focus on the complexity of nature. She currently lives in Colorado and admires the work of artists like James Abbott McNeill Whistler, Elizabeth Murray, and Nathan Oliveira. Fun fact: she is especially interested in the impact her work can have on healing environments and hopes to have more art in places like hospitals and clinics.

Grasslands #15
10" x 8" , oil painting

Bunch - Spring
32" x 60" , oil painting

Grasslands #13
10" x 8" , oil painting

Grasslands #14
10" x 8" , oil painting

Winter Field I
18" x 20" , oil painting

Grasslands #12
10" x 8" , oil painting

Small Bunch
8" x 10" , oil painting

Grasslands #17
10" x 8" , oil painting

Grasslands #16
8" x 10" , oil painting

18" x 18" , oil painting

Winter Field II
18" x 18" , oil painting

Geranium Sprout
12" x 12" , oil painting

Geranium Brown
12" x 12" , oil painting

Geranium Left
12" x 12" , oil painting

Prairie Light
28" x 62" , oil painting

Grasslands #9
8" x 10" , oil painting

Grasslands #3
8" x 10" , oil painting

Grasslands #1
8" x 10" , oil painting

20" x 40" , oil painting

Blue Curve
40" x 36" , oil painting

Artist and Customer Comments

Nanci Erskine 3/16/2017 | 2:13 PM

Time to refresh your home, or plan for those wedding and graduation gifts! Art makes our lives richer, and more connected to what matters......

Nanci Erskine 1/27/2017 | 8:59 PM

There are often many hidden layers and other conversations underneath what you see on the surface. I work all over the entire painting throughout the process, not just section by section. I was taught you need to literally paint from back to front as much as possible to create a feeling of believable space.

Nanci Erskine 5/9/2016 | 10:30 AM

I'm going to be uploading more small Grasslands paintings soon- watch this space!

Nanci Erskine 3/11/2016 | 3:52 PM

Let me know if you'd like addition images of any work- sometimes what we see on a screen can be misleading.

Nanci Erskine 9/30/2014 | 9:24 PM

thanks so much!

commentsRed Berries
B Murray 9/30/2014 | 3:53 PM

Enjoying the higher quality of the oil paintings.

Nanci Erskine 5/8/2014 | 7:24 PM

Getting ready with some new work for the 3-day Fort Collins Studio Tour. June 27-29. It's always a pleasure to get to speak with people who come for longer looks and with thoughtful questions and comments.

Nanci Erskine 11/24/2013 | 12:18 AM

Now that I've finished the large recent commissions, I'm looking forward to revving up my own work again- grasses and weeds!

Nanci Erskine 11/19/2013 | 7:24 PM

Yay! Got final approval on the 11 foot long piece for the Exempla St. Joseph hospital project. Now a couple weeks to dry and then I'll deliver down to Denver. Also- had a nice sale from UGallery- always a nice unexpected surprise in the old in-box!

Nanci Erskine 9/16/2013 | 10:02 PM

Large painting completed for the Kaiser Permanente Clinic in Denver on Araphahoe Road. Next up, I'll be starting the large 3-section 3 foot by 11 foot piece for Exempla St. Joseph Hospital, also in Denver. I think my studio wall is just barely long enough! Will be based on the Blue Winter Vines piece that I have up here.

Nanci Erskine 8/16/2013 | 12:32 PM

I'm currently working on a commission for a Kaiser Permanente clinic in Denver. Next up- a piece for Exempla St. Joseph hospital, also in Denver. After that, I'll be able to put some more new work up here.

Nanci Erskine 6/27/2013 | 2:19 PM

to see images from my studio during the recent Fort Collins Studio Tour... here you go

Nanci Erskine 3/30/2013 | 9:18 PM

Kanon Gallery in the SantaFe Arts district is hosting botanically themed juried show.April 5- 28th, 2013 My painting "Brown Tangle" will be included.

Nanci Erskine 2/4/2013 | 10:14 PM

I'll have some of my Industrial Landscape paintings in the "Scapes" show at Studio 12 Gallery in Denver, March 1 through April 12. It's nice to get them out and about! Also, working on a proposal for a hospital project in Denver. I think a lot of my work fits well in a healing environment.

Nanci Erskine 1/25/2013 | 7:44 PM

So impressed with this organization. Now my work will be in homes in parts of the country that I could never have imagined! So far, the brown paintings seem to be attracting the most attention.... hmmmmm.

Nanci Erskine 12/29/2012 | 10:02 PM

Now that the holiday festivities are over, I'm back in the studio, working on more small Grasslands pieces, and a couple larger ones as well.

Nanci Erskine 12/21/2012 | 1:37 PM

That would be great.... it's always nice to see where they land. Thanks for giving this one a home!

J Roth 12/20/2012 | 10:42 PM

Thanks Nanci! We'll post photos once I've finished the room.

Nanci Erskine 12/14/2012 | 12:46 AM

Wow- I'm very impressed with the UGallery world so far. After less than a week, sold my first painting, and have almost 250 views of my page. I'll be putting up work from 2012 in a regular fashion. Have to get through the holiday baking blitz first!

UGallery 12/6/2012 | 2:38 PM

Nanci! It's a pleasure having you on UGallery. A nice cup of joe and jammies sounds perfect. We wrote a little bit about your art here:

Nanci Erskine 11/28/2012 | 10:07 PM

hello- I'm thrilled to have my work available to more people through UGallery's site. Quite a change from my 20 years of shipping and exhibiting work in Seattle and elsewhere. I can do this in my jammies with a cup of coffee!