Melanie Thompson
Richland, Washington

Melanie Thompson was first inspired to paint the landscape after working three seasons as a wildland firefighter. She was trained as a graphic designer at the time, but always knew she was an artist at heart. Working weeks at a time digging fireline, monitoring fire behavior, hiking, and sleeping under the stars, Melanie was deeply moved by the stunning vistas and by the fierce beauty of nature. Melanie paints exclusively en plein air to better capture the appearance and feel of a specific moment, “the smell of dust, the hot sun, or the cooling shade of a passing cloud.”

Storm Approaching Hells Canyon
20" x 24" , oil painting

Winter on the Marsh
12" x 12" , oil painting

Moonrise and Juniper
12" x 24" , oil painting

The Road to Dug Bar
24" x 36" , oil painting

Dancing Shadows
20" x 24" , oil painting

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