Mary McGill
Thousand Oaks, California

Mary McGill bridges the gap between contemporary and classical art through her symbolic sculptures. As she recalls the famous forms of antiquity such as Cycladic figures, Greek statues, and ancient symbols, she projects a personal and contemporary voice. The animal and human figures in Mary’s sculptures operate metaphorically like characters in a fable or allegory. Her sculptures of anthropomorphized cats, though not kitschy, have a humorous charm. Similarly, her sculptures of women share an allegorical symbolism where the individual woman can relate to women everywhere. Whether through the motif of blowing wind or evidence of the kiln firing process, notions of time and fate are always present in her work. Both the sculptures themselves and the figures they represent are symbols of process that remind the viewer that change and growth are constant.

11" x 10" , sculpture

The Guardian
23" x 7.8" , sculpture

21" x 9.8" , sculpture

22" x 8.8" , sculpture

Big Cat
20" x 8" , sculpture

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