Lisa Manes-James
Visalia, California

Lisa Manes-James’s work draws from the physical and sensory qualities of natural environments and her emotional connection to places and atmospheres. The intention of her current work is to stir an awareness of the connection between the natural world and human emotions, experiences and existence. 

Peace in the Generosity of Water
36" x 40" , oil painting

Discover Original Art by Lisa Manes-James | Striving to Rise and Ripen oil painting | Art for Sale Online at UGallery

Striving to Rise and Ripen
50" x 31" , oil painting

The Sky-Doors Opened
60" x 36" , oil painting

Like Water on Stone
48" x 60" , oil painting

You Too, Were Born To Be
24" x 60" , oil painting

Outward into the Open
36" x 40" , oil painting

A Lavish Banquet
36" x 36" , oil painting

Artist and Customer Comments

Lisa Manes-James 2/15/2015 | 1:06 PM

I'm so glad you love the painting! It is one of my favorites. Thank you for your positive feedback, and I wish you many years of enjoyment! Lisa

ecperl 2/14/2015 | 2:27 PM

We recently bought a large (48"x48") painting from this artist on ugallery, and we love it!! It's going to be an amazing statement piece on the wall in our living room. The colors are vibrant, and the textures of the painting are interesting too. Ugallery was easy to work with as well, and the painting arrived pretty quickly & packaged very well. I only wish we'd waiting for this Valentine's Day sale - but you never know, maybe it would have sold in the meantime, so I'm glad we didn't miss out on it.