Expressionism Art

Expressionism art for sale Expressive gestures, bright colors, and exaggerated forms characterize the works in this section. Originating in Germany in the early 20th-century, Expressionism distorts reality for an emotional effect, often addressing the depths of the artist's psyche. Edvard Munch's charged paintings were an inspiration for this movement, while today's contemporary artists take expressionism in drastically different aesthetic directions.

Sharing the use of gestural brush strokes, many of these expressionist artworks are fully abstract, while others depict either a natural or imagined scene. Jarring or symbolic colors are common tools to excite the viewer, while dark and muted colors elicit a dream-like quality. The reality of the outside world is always secondary to internal emotions, and each of the artists featured here provide thrilling insight to their psyche.

Maryam Gaber
Tomorrow, Gouache Painting
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Expressionism art,Nudes art,Representational art,oil painting,Crouching Nude
Crouching Nude
43" x 39", oil painting on unstretched canvas
Expressionism art,Nudes art,acrylic painting,Emerging
22" x 30", acrylic painting on paper
Expressionism art,People art,Representational art,mixed media artwork,What Is Right?
What Is Right?
11" x 15", mixed media artwork on paper
Expressionism art,People art,Representational art,acrylic painting,Time Is on Their Side
Time Is on Their Side
30" x 40", acrylic painting on stretched canvas
Expressionism art,People art,Surrealism art,Representational art,oil painting,Deep Blue
Deep Blue
12" x 16", oil painting on masonite board
Abstract art,Expressionism art,Non-representational art,acrylic painting,Incandescent Cosmic Still Life
Incandescent Cosmic Still Life
25" x 32", acrylic painting on stretched canvas
Expressionism art,Fantasy art,People art,Representational art,oil painting,Who Are These Angels LXXXIX
Who Are These Angels LXXXIX
15" x 30", oil painting on stretched canvas
Abstract art,Expressionism art,mixed media artwork,Fancy Pants
Fancy Pants
20" x 16", mixed media artwork on stretched canvas

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