Donna Johansen
Oceanside, California

Having spent many years as an interior designer, Donna Johansen has a passion for creating spaces that heal and make people happy. When painting, she visualizes the artwork in its future element, reflecting the soul of the client. She has cultivated a unique technique using plaster on canvas, which captures a vivid sculpture effect. Fervently practicing the guidelines of Feng Shui, she believes art has the magical quality of creating a beautiful, balanced interior. You can find Donna meditating or studying yogic sciences when she’s not behind the easel.

Into the Light
20" x 20" , acrylic painting

Turquoise Ocean
24" x 24" , acrylic painting

Moonlight Beach
12" x 12" , acrylic painting

The Dance
12" x 12" , acrylic painting

Set Sail
20" x 16" , mixed media artwork

12" x 12" , acrylic painting

Pure Joy
14" x 11" , acrylic painting

12" x 12" , acrylic painting

12" x 12" , acrylic painting

Artist and Customer Comments

Donna Johansen 11/12/2014 | 2:34 AM

Hi Camille! Thank you so much. I must admit that I am also very inspired by the artists on UGallery. It's a wonderful energy to be part of. Looked at your site and your art is amazing! Especially love your landscapes and abstracts. Why don't you submit some of your artwork to UGallery?

C Salls 11/12/2014 | 1:40 AM

I just wanted to say that I LOVE everything I have seen of yours. I am aspiring to be an artist, and every time I would see something I absolutely loved on this site... it happened to be yours. Just wanted to say I hope I can produce something as beautiful as you have one day. -Camille Salls

Donna Johansen 10/31/2014 | 3:57 PM

Thanks Denise! Enjoy your upcoming CMG conference.

Donna Johansen 10/31/2014 | 3:56 PM

Thank you Patricia! I think the last time I saw you was at my art opening in Vegas. I always appreciate your wishes and support. Hope you are doing well!

Donna Johansen 10/31/2014 | 3:54 PM

Thank you so much for enjoying my artwork! Best, Donna

D Jean 10/31/2014 | 12:44 AM

Beautiful work thank you

P GAGNIER 10/31/2014 | 12:10 AM

Amazing work Donna! Look forward to seeing more..Patricia

M Cammpbell 10/30/2014 | 10:13 PM


D Turner 10/30/2014 | 7:41 PM

Beautiful job! Donna, I especially like "Turquoise Ocean". xo, Denise 10/30/2014 | 6:40 PM

Impressive. You have really come a long way... and I like the smaller piece size. It gives the art more potential places for display.