Cynthia Baldini
Powhatan, Virginia

Since elementary school Cynthia Baldini knew she would be either an artist or an author. After college she moved to Italy, working odd jobs but continuing to paint. Eventually her work wound up in a gallery in Florence’s historic center. Cynthia does quick sketches and takes notes and photographs while she’s on site, but completes the paintings in her studio. She uses the photos for reference, but instinct to create the pieces. Her style has changed from abstract impressionism to a more realistic interpretation of nature, yet she don't attempt to reproduce nature, instead interpreting nature’s underlying rhythms.Fun fact: Achieving both childhood dreams, Cynthia is also a published author.

Mountain Trail #1
11" x 14" , acrylic painting

Vineyards near Castellina in Chianti #1
20" x 30" , acrylic painting

Cardinal in the Sweet Gum Tree
20" x 20" , acrylic painting

Path along the James
22" x 28" , acrylic painting

Sunset Island
24" x 36" , acrylic painting

Old Mill in WInter
22" x 30" , acrylic painting

River Mist #5
11" x 14" , acrylic painting

Last Sun
11" x 14" , acrylic painting

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