Cheryl Magellen
Bouse, Arizona

Cheryl Magellen opens a window into a stranger’s world through her striking portraiture. With each piece, she develops intriguing characters and cultivates a sense of narrative. She offers her attention democratically, believing that every face deserves to be painted. Consequently, Cheryl relishes in the idiosyncrasies and differences of individuals through her paintings. From painterly to precise, Cheryl can adapt her style to suit her subject. Feathered hats, saloon ensembles, and other American old western motifs, tinge her stories with mystery and an element of fun.

16" x 12" , oil painting

City of Sass
24" x 18" , oil painting

16" x 12" , oil painting

Grass Country
8" x 8" , oil painting

River Country
8" x 10" , oil painting

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