Botanical Art

Flora art for sale Botanical art combines fine art and science, as artists and illustrators strive to depict the anatomical details of plants in an aesthetically attractive manner. The deep tradition of botanical art began with ink illustrations and centuries-old lithographs and engravings; but today contemporary artists, like those shown here, incorporate new media and different methods to depict plant life.

Photographs capture the veins of a leaf, oil paintings show the contorted limbs of tree branches, and mixed media artists apply natural leaves directly to the surface of the image. All honoring the tradition of past botanical artists, the contemporary artists shown here revere plant forms from both artistic and scientific perspectives.

Sarah Beth Goncarova
Traiage II, Oil Painting
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Animals art,Pop art,Flora art,Representational art,watercolor painting,Butterfly Bouquet
Butterfly Bouquet
14" x 10", watercolor painting on paper
Impressionism art,Animals art,Nature art,Flora art,Representational art,watercolor painting,Cardinal and Apple Tree Blossom
Cardinal and Apple Tree Blossom
12" x 16", watercolor painting on paper
Impressionism art,Flora art,Representational art,oil painting,My Garden Song
My Garden Song
10" x 8", oil painting on stretched canvas
Nature art,Flora art,photography,Purple Tulips in Paris
Purple Tulips in Paris
24" x 36", photography on paper
Flora art,Representational art,watercolor painting,Light Iris
Light Iris
29" x 40", watercolor painting on paper
Expressionism art,Flora art,Representational art,acrylic painting,With Love Comes Peace
With Love Comes Peace
9" x 12", acrylic painting on stretched canvas
Impressionism art,Flora art,Representational art,acrylic painting,Friendship
48" x 36", acrylic painting on stretched canvas
Fantasy art,Flora art,Representational art,mixed media artwork,Iris Explosion
Iris Explosion
24" x 24", mixed media artwork on other

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