Arturas Braziunas
Vilnius, Lithuania

Between his anthropomorphized barn animals, his unifying yellow haze, and tongue-in-cheek titles, Arturas Braziunas, has claimed his own comedy corner of the art world – a space which he dubs “Romantic Surrealism Representative” art. Braziunas, a middle-generation Lithuanian artist, classifies himself as a part of a generation that experienced a national cathartic release of creative energy after years of rigid government occupation and censorship. He attributes the naiveté, romanticism, and bright cleanliness of his paintings to this shifting political state.

Hello Houston
43.3" x 19.68" , oil painting

35.43" x 43.3" , oil painting

The Bodyguard
43.3" x 35.43" , oil painting

Small Paper Airplane
19.68" x 14.96" , oil painting

Artist and Customer Comments

Arturas Braziunas 9/27/2016 | 5:00 AM

Hello world! it's a first time i try to type something here. So, I'm sorry in advance for any mistakes:-) I am a painter and as all of you I have a family and a wonderful wife. Today, I wanna pay attention on her. No no, I won;t tell you the stories of how I met her or something like that. The story is how she found her self in an activity working with my art.