Architecture Art

Architecture art for sale The concept of architecture as an art form has been around since mankind began to build. After Renaissance painters developed one-point perspective and were able to depict architecture in 2-dimensions accurately, artists have been capturing the elegance of buildings ever since.

Today, the lines between "architecture" and "fine art" have nearly disappeared. Whether architectural drawings elevated to high art, or high art utilizing the tools of proportion and scale, the artworks in this section capture the beauty and intrigue of architecture. Everything from recognizable buildings to abstracted shapes, from the exotic to deteriorating facades, these photographs, paintings drawings bring the oldest art form into your home.

Braydon Harp
Zagreb Cries, Photography Print
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Architecture art,Impressionism art,Travel art,Representational art,oil painting,Florentine Rooftops
Florentine Rooftops
20" x 16", oil painting on stretched linen
Architecture art,Representational art,oil painting,Day and Night
Day and Night
18" x 24", oil painting on wood
Architecture art,Expressionism art,Fantasy art,Representational art,acrylic painting,Dream of a Bridge
Dream of a Bridge
40" x 40", acrylic painting on stretched canvas
Architecture art,Landscape art,Surrealism art,Representational art,acrylic painting,Along the Country Lane
Along the Country Lane
30" x 24", acrylic painting on stretched canvas
Architecture art,Representational art,Modern  art,acrylic painting,Pagoda Houses
Pagoda Houses
36" x 36", acrylic painting on stretched canvas
Architecture art,Surrealism art,mixed media artwork,Dayroom/William, Curtiss, Bunny
Dayroom/William, Curtiss, Bunny
50" x 24", mixed media artwork on stretched canvas
Architecture art,Expressionism art,Representational art,acrylic painting,Chesapeake City Bridge
Chesapeake City Bridge
30" x 30", acrylic painting on stretched canvas
Architecture art,photography,Double Bath
Double Bath
24" x 36", photography on paper

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