Animals Art Insects and Birds

Animals art for sale Domestic or wild, animals are both a source of comfort and intrigue. Whether it's the ancient Egyptians revering the cat as the smartest being, or modern society caring for domestic pets, insects, animals, and birds carry both affection, strength and curiosity. Fine artists can capture the intricacy of a butterfly, the force of a ram, the strength of an eagle, and the sensitivity of a golden retriever in a way that words cannot. The artworks in this section bring the finest representations of animals, in all their might and sensitivity.

Myrna Christine Williams
Home Alone, Oil Painting
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Animals art,Nature art,Representational art,mixed media artwork,If Not Now, When?
If Not Now, When?
48" x 36", mixed media artwork on stretched canvas
Animals art,Nature art,Non-representational art,ceramic artwork,Dancing Birds Covered Jar
Dancing Birds Covered Jar
6" x 14", ceramic artwork on ceramic
Expressionism art,Fantasy art,Animals art,People art,Representational art,acrylic painting,Palomino Tree
Palomino Tree
30" x 40", acrylic painting on stretched canvas
Expressionism art,Animals art,People art,Representational art,Primitive art,mixed media artwork,Did He Really Just Tweet That?
Did He Really Just Tweet That?
8" x 8", mixed media artwork on wood
Animals art,Western art,acrylic painting,Strut
36" x 24", acrylic painting on stretched canvas
Animals art,Pop art,Surrealism art,digital printmaking,Fish Can't
Fish Can't
48" x 34", digital printmaking on metal
Impressionism art,Animals art,Flora art,Realism art,Representational art,oil painting,Little Birds and Flowers
Little Birds and Flowers
24" x 24", oil painting on unstretched linen
Impressionism art,Animals art,Nature art,Realism art,Representational art,oil painting,Pheasant
24" x 24", oil painting on unstretched canvas

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